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I greet you all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and pray you are all doing fine.  We are grateful to you dear friends, partnering churches, and teams all over the world that have stood with us since 2000 till todate in building a better Uganda through providing financial, psycholgical, spiritual and emotional support to the vulnerable.

Our main objective of the organization is to provide care, education and protection to orphaned, vulnerable disadvantaged children based on the philosophy that God our father cares. We are a community based organization (CBO), seeking to secure a good future and uphold the sanctity of human life by meeting the physiological emotional, educational and spiritual needs of disadvantaged and orphaned children of Uganda through community support from within Uganda and  international partnership.

I encourage all of us to get involved in this pursuit of an orphan free generation with all the vulnerable groups catered for.


Mama Alice Kisolo


Orphaned, vulnerable children and those affected with HIV scourge empowered with skills for self-reliance and becoming good leaders.


Siita Nest provides shelter, food, medical care, education and emotional and spiritual support to children in Uganda who have been orphaned by civil war or HIV/AIDS, abandonment and family breakdown.


An improved education status, increased income, good health and hygiene and nutrition especially for HIV victims between 1 to 22 years.


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widows empowered


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Our Ministry is About Child and Family Development

1. Preserving Families:

We work to aid families of widows, families with single mothers, and other families at risk of disintegration. We offer support and opportunities that enable these families to remain safely intact and provide resources to help them thrive.


2. Reuniting Families:

We work to rejoin families that have been broken apart. We are trying to initiate and advocate for Christian foster families to raise orphans as their own.


3. Resettling Families:

When birth parents have died or are unwilling or unable to provide adequate care, we encourage placing orphans in permanent, loving family setting where the children can receive all care and attention.


4. Future Families: 

We are considering opening our arms to child adoption if our government will permit so, where some of the children will be settled in new families that will take them in as their own and nurture them like real parents would do.

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